Where to Start Looking for a DUI Attorney?

Driving under the influence, driving while intoxicated, drinking and driving, impaired driving, these are all terms that denote DUI. Basically DUI is the illegal operation of a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol. And as many people as there are refraining from drinking and driving by taking alternative actions such as riding the bus, calling a taxi and relying on designated drivers, there are still many people who are caught driving under the influence. Then once caught, they require legal representation.

Looking for a DUI lawyer might be like trying to choose a piece of candy in a confection store. Open the yellow pages of the telephone book, search the internet and read the community newspapers and there are plenty of DUI specialists. The problem is not whether one will find a lawyer, it is the choice of lawyer. So how does one start looking for a DUI attorney?

Unless you are rich and famous in which you will fly in a DUI specialist from anywhere, the average person should look for a lawyer in his community or the area in which the DUI took place. Where and how to look for a DUI attorney will depend how bad the charge that was laid when caught. For example, if someone was injured or killed because of the driver, a manslaughter lawyer who specialises in DUI may be required.

If on the other hand, you were not involved in an accident and charged through for instance, a random spot check, then although the charge is still serious, you have not done bodily harm nor caused an accident. So such a high profile person may not be necessary.

The most obvious way to find a DUI lawyer is to know someone who already used a particular lawyer and whose results of the court case were favorable to the person. Another way is from local newspaper articles about cases where lawyers' names are mentioned and the results of a case discussed.

If you have been charged outside of the state in which you reside, it will be beneficial to have a lawyer from that area as each state has different laws and different strategies to defending you. Also, it is necessary to look for someone who specialises in DUI. While another lawyer may be competent, he/she does not know all the intricacies of DUI law. Likewise a company that specialises in contesting speeding tickets will not be successful, in most cases, in helping you to fight DUI.

Not being able to find a lawyer from personal references or public information, start searching the telephone book. Many DUI specialists take out full-page ads. Read the ad, look for the website address and obtain as much background information as you can. Make a list of possible candidates and then contact the offices to get information about fees, free first consultations, how quickly you can be seen and then meet with the ones with whom you sent up appointments.

Believe it or not, many DUI offices take ads on bus shelters, taxicabs and billboards. While they might not be the best firm to contact, they are at least prospects when searching. Lastly, if you have a lawyer that you have hired for another function, ask him/her whom he might recommend.

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